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Ria Ray Workshop

The session will be energy work in the morning, break for lunch (which is included) and then spend the afternoon creating artwork reflecting our discoveries during the morning session (supplies included). Ria reveals new possibilities and profoundly shift energies. Along the way, hidden feelings and thoughts arise to help release layers of emotional and psychological blockage.

When Ria was 27 working in the fashion industry in New York, tragedy struck: her entire immediate family-her father, mother, sister, brother and uncle-died in their home of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Truth is not a theory or philosophy, nor does it arrive from the intellect. Truth is an individual experience that evolves with time and involves participation within.”

The shock, horror and mystery of this profound misfortune compelled Ria to seek her purpose. She was moved to study and practice healing and create fine art. "The void inside was infinite, and yet all I craved to do was give back. I was determined to find what was meant to fill the void not only in myself but in others who struggled with high levels of pain," she explains. As a healer, she teaches that each individual's exploration and acceptance of his or her true self is the way into a peaceful and harmonized life.

Ria's healing process helps each individual find and live what is meaningful to him or her. We each hold the ability to heal our self and to use that sacred energy to transform our life to be peaceful, balanced and inspired.

Through Ria's unyielding drive to learn and without premeditation, she began to paint on canvas. She says, "Painting was instantaneously a passage into my soul. Creativity is the way into individual divine expression and is purely a way of life. It's how we can choose to move through the world-in a state of grace."

Her work in healing and on canvas inspires and compels us to experience the depth within. Her work is a constant reminder to let go of fears and pre-concieved notions and stay the course of love-self-love and love for others. As we practice awareness and realize that all things to use that sacred energy to transform our life to be peaceful, balanced and inspired.

For more information about Ria, her healing, her art, her wisdom and her charity, please visit :

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