National Bison Range

From a population of 30 to 60 million animals roaming throughout North America, bison reached a low of 100 in the wild in the late 1800's.

Since 1908, the National Bison Range has played an important role in the successful recovery of these magnificent animals.

The fact that we can still see bison on the landscape is one of the finest accomplishments in the history of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

President Theodore Roosevelt established the National Bison Range on May 23, 1908 when he signed legislation authorizing funds to purchase suitable land for the conservation of bison. It was the first time that Congress appropriated tax dollars to buy land specifically to conserve wildlife. The overall mission of the National Bison Range is to maintain a representative herd of bison, under reasonably natural conditions, to ensure the preservation of the species for continued public enjoyment.

Content courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service

Web design and launch for Hope & Glory

When artist Kathleen Wedemeyer approached us to design and create her website, we were so excited!  Her success as an exclusive Creative Co-Op artist has her receiving much attention nationally as well as locally in the greater Houston area with a second appearance on Good Morning Houston TV show.  Her designs provide a creative outlet for this talented artist, using drills, welding, paints, etc. They are also very popular pieces in the Creative Co-Op portfolio with replicas of her work being available for purchase in gift shops like Hallmark.

About Hope & Glory, Kathleen Wedemeyer - artist

What started as a creative outlet to help with the family income has grown into a business that I could never have even dreamed of. Moving from "crafts", to discovering a love for working with power tools, Hope and Glory has evolved into a passion and love. Materials such as antique ceiling tin, copper, iron, screen, spindles and other elements have become my art supplies and inspiration. Several years ago I took a welding class, which further expanded the scope of my work. (My favorite tools are my brad gun, drill, compound miter saw, pop rivets and E-6000 glue).
The items I create are inspired by faith, old materials and customer requests. I love using antique materials with many of my works being truly one-of-a-kind. Some of my most popular items are crosses, Architectural Angels, metals collages, and frames made from 100 year old molding.

Moving individuals toward independence and self sufficiency. - GCCSA

The project: photography for brand image library. 

The result: artwork installation in lobby and auditorium at headquarter office. Images are used throughout all of GCCSA marketing efforts including their website

The Gulf Coast Community Services Association's mission : We exist to strengthen the educational, social, and economic well-being of children and families as they move toward independence and self-sufficiency.

GCCSA needed help in telling their story visually.  Key to their vision for this campaign was to create imagery with real GCCSA program participants at actual facilities so that individuals accessing GCCSA programs and services can easily and comfortably connect. 

The images aretelling the GCCSA story on the web, print as well as installed in 6' panels on aluminum throughout their facilities so that those who visit (virtually or physically) can SEE what GCCSA offers as well as the people they serve.

find out more about Gulf Coast Community Services Association

What makes good marketing messages?

Successful messages have the following characteristics:

Customer-focused—They should answer the customer´s "What´s in it for me?" questions.
Solution-oriented—Customers buy products and services to solve a problem or need. For example, house cleaners do more than vacuum floors and clean bathrooms. They save the customer´s time so that he/she can focus on other activities.
Emotional—Marketing messages tap into customer needs by appealing to feelings. While a home alarm system deters burglars, its emotional value lies in making the occupants feel safe and worry-free.
Concise—You have minimal time to make an impression on customers, so you must focus on one main message in any given marketing communication.

Above all, your marketing messages must support your marketing goals and company mission. 

Contact us and we'll help you ensure your marketing messages deliver the impact you want.

Logo design for Faith Bridge Ranch & Golf Club

The best compliment is when clients return to us to help with new business ventures.  That was the case with the logo design for Faith Bridge Ranch & Golf Club.  The new owners were also the owners of CAROL Rigging (clients for website and collateral materials projects).  The logo in on all their marketing and advertising elements. From website to print materials through signage, apparel and logo gear sold in the pro shop.  Design and format is key to ensure it can be used across all platforms to ensure business success!

On A Mission

San Antonio Missions Historical National Park

The legacy and history of San Antonio and this region began with a simple ceremony whenin 1718 Franciscans and Spanish representatives established the first mission. Within 13 years, five were located along the San Antonio River. The missions’ purpose? To acculturate and Christianize the native population and make them Spanish citizens. Today, visitors can retrace the footsteps of the mission Indians and friars. And, possibly, meet descendants of those first inhabitants.

For more images of our photo shoot at the San Antonio Missions Historical National Park, click here to view the "On A Mission" virtual exhibit.

Click the resources below for more information and how you can support the restoration and preservation of this and other Historical National Parks.

National Park Service website
more on the San Antonio Missions
Los Compadres
Los Compadres provides volunteer support and financial aid for preservation, restoration and development projects at the San Antonio Missions National Historical park. It's the official friends group of the Park.

Think Big. Do Big. Gulf Coast Community Services Association

Think Big. Do Big.

As the saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas" and when it was time to work with Gulf Coast Community Services Association, that saying rang true.  During our conversations with GCCSA's leadership team as well as facility designers to determine the artwork for the lobby and auditorium walls, the theme of larger-than-life was key in the images that would be displayed at GCCSA's headquarters.  GCCSA was founded in 1965 and is a private, nonprofit organization that exists to strengthen the educational, social and economic well-being of individuals and families as they move towards independence and self-sufficiency.

From Vision to Reality

Thinking big has never been a problem here at Fala Creative and when it comes to photography, the bigger the image, the better to the viewer.  We installed 18 panels between both locations with images captured by our lead photographer, Fatima Donaldson, encapsulating the programs, people and attitude that GCCSA embodies in all their efforts.  From adult education classes to food pantry services to impacting the children at Head Start programs, GCCSA is one busy agency.  The words that resonated during our meetings are those that are the roots to all their efforts - EQUIP, EDUCATE and EMPOWER.  It's no surprise we added them to the lobby mural with the images reinforcing these three simple, yet strong words.  Click here to find out more and see these images on their website too!

JP Steel featured in Business in Motion Magazine

Fala Creative started working with JP Steel nine years ago.  The first effort was to design their company logo. Through the years, we have designed brochures, written copy for their website and helped with website efforts as well as periodic photo shoots.  Fast forward almost a decade and their growth is reflective in their facility, staff and client base.  It's exciting to see the growth, and as a creative director and photographer, it's an added bonus to be able to visually document it through the years.  They are featured in the August 2014 issue of Business In Focus Magazine along with the images we have captured of JP Steel's people, facility and efforts complimenting their story.  Click here to read the full article.

Okavango Delta Africa (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The geology of the area, a part of the African Rift Valley System, has resulted in the ‘capture’ of the Okavango River that has formed the Delta and its extensive waterways, swamps, flooded grasslands and floodplains. The Okavango River, at 1,500kms, is the third largest in southern Africa. The Delta’s dynamic geomorphological history has a major effect on the hydrology, determining water flow direction, inundation and dehydration of large areas within the Delta system. The site is an outstanding example of the interplay between climatic, geomorphological, hydrological, and biological processes that drive and shape the system and of the manner in which the Okavango Delta’s plants and animals have adapted their lifecycles to the annual cycle of rains and flooding. Subsurface precipitation of calcite and amorphous silica is an important process in creating islands and habitat gradients that support diverse terrestrial and aquatic biota within a wide range of ecological niches.  

Permanent crystal clear waters and dissolved nutrients transform the otherwise dry Kalahari Desert habitat into a scenic landscape of exceptional and rare beauty, and sustain an ecosystem of remarkable habitat and species diversity, thereby maintaining its ecological resilience and amazing natural phenomena. The annual flood-tide, which pulses through the wetland system every year, revitalizes ecosystems and is a critical life-force during the peak of the Botswana’s dry season (June/July). The Okavango Delta World Heritage property displays an extraordinary juxtaposition of a vibrant wetland in an arid landscape and the miraculous transformation of huge sandy, dry and brown depressions by winter season floods triggers spectacular wildlife displays: large herds of African Elephant, Buffalo, Red Lechwe, Zebra and other large animals splashing, playing, and drinking the clear waters of the Okavango having survived the dry autumn season or their weeks’ long migration across the Kalahari Desert.

Courtesy of UNESCO

When Tradition Matters

When Tradition Bank called and wanted us to document the various locations they sponsor throughout the greater community, we were thrilled at the opportunity to capture the venues in action.  People is at the core of what Tradition Bank does and that was an essential variable in the image composition for all captures.  Images are used throughout Tradition Bank's marketing and advertising campaigns as well as permanently installed in the their conference rooms at several locations. 

Some of the artwork at the Grand Pkwy branch

Arts Fulshear goes live on the web!

The Project

Fala Creative was approached by board members to help revamp their existing website to provide more functionality and ease of use for both the end user as well as the administrator to support the ongoing community efforts of this non-profit organization. 

The Deliverable

We guided the Arts Fulshear team with navigation, functionality and possibilities the website can provide in generating membership, revenue and community awareness. All necessary to grow the organization. The website was launched and provided online class registration, membership enrollment and serves as a key communicator for the events.  It also provides the opportunity to continuously thank and recognize all those that support and sustain Arts Fulshear.

About Arts Fulshear

Arts Fulshear is a community-centered non-profit organization. We offer classes and events for all ages to further our mission of bringing art events, art education, and public art to Fulshear and the surrounding area.

I've Been Labeled!

Most of us don't like being labeled; however, in this circumstance, I'm so thrilled.  I'm honored to have my image adorn the label of the LangeTwins Winery & Vineyards 2010 Pinot Noir bottle. 

- Fatima Donaldson
Creative Director / Photographer

From the label : LangeTwins Diablo Vineyard is located within the Delta levees in the Clarksburg Appellation. Each time we head out to our vineyard on Holland Tract, we cross the Sacramento River using the Paintersville Bridge. 

Click here to find out more about LangeTwins Winery & Vineyards and to see more images we have captured for them on their website.

Fostering Creativity in Foster Care

ARTreach will be working in partnership with DePelchin Children's Center and in conjunction with One Voice Texas and Youth in Foster Care Working Group within the Alliance for Economic Inclusion (AEI) to support the financial well being for youth in foster care. Fatima Donaldson of Fala Creative is supporting the experience by working with ARTreach to deliver a specialized marketing and screen-printing workshop that teaches basic art and business practices to promote creativity and entrepreneurial skills.   The focus of the project is youth ages 14-22 who are in or have aged out of the foster care system in Texas.  This workshop provides experiential opportunities and financial education throughout the week that is critical in preparing the youth to be independent and sustain that independence when they leave foster care. 

Based on the success of the pilot, and the workshop outcomes, ARTreach will collaborate with DePelchin, the AEI Youth in Foster Car working group and other interested parties in expanding this opportunity and making it a consistent activity throughout the year.

business spotlight : Multiplicity

The name speaks for itself. 


A large number.
A large variety.

Gift Gallery

When Susan Small, owner of Multiplicity contacted me needing photography for her venue and a few product shots, I was not prepared for the gem that laid ahead.  When I arrived on location, this quaint and intimate space provides a perfect platform for that special occasion.  While I was shooting in the gift gallery & shop, the mother of the bride had returned to pick up the bride's bouquet from a wedding held at Multiplicity just a few days prior.  The mother of bride just sang their praises and was so pleased of how "truly magical and memorable the wedding was thanks to all of Susan's (and staff) efforts of paying attention to all the little details". If you have someone who already has everything, you'll want to venture into Multiplicity for gift options. There are some true finds in the Gift Gallery for everyone and for every budget!

Outdoor Oasis

Once I was done shooting indoors, I ventured to the backyard, which is an absolute understatement. This intimate oasis merges romance, quaint charm and class into a beautiful garden paradise.  Add a dash of Susan's touch and this space is transformed into your customized event.

Arts Education Workshops

In addition to special events, the Cabana serves as a great "off-site" retreat for corporate outings, meetings and/or training sessions. Plus, many of the monthly arts education workshops and seminars are conducted in the Cabana. 

As the name states "large variety".  It's a perfect descriptive of this new addition to Katy/West Houston!  Take a few moments to view the video and look though the photo gallery to see for yourself. Better yet, stop in at Multiplicity and experience it LIVE!

explore their website :

Tradition Bank Train Dedication

When Tradition Bank asked us to come and photograph their Tradition of Freedom Train Dedication, we were honored to be included in such a significant and memorable event.  The train sponsored by Tradition Bank and ARTreach is part of the Katy All Aboard! inititive. We invite you to watch the video and if you're passing by the Tradition Bank branch on Grand Pkwy & Highland Knolls, stop by and see the train.  It will rotate throughout the other branch locations in the area.

About Tradition Bank

The name Tradition Bank was chosen because it reflected the traditional values of personal service, honesty and integrity that have served as the cornerstone of Tradition Bank’s philosophy since the initial meetings in the early 1960s. Also, with the bank’s management actively pursuing additional locations, it was felt the name Tradition Bank would be a good fit in any community under consideration for a future banking center.  

Tradition Bank takes great pride in being a member of the various communities it serves. Most of the officers and staff live and raise their families in the communities where they work, and are very active in community activities and organizations. The personal service they offer is best exemplified by Tradition Bank’s friendly staff of professional bankers and their philosophy of providing “local answers” by having a president in each banking center location so that decision makers are available on site.  

A Port in the Storm @ Ft Bend Juvenile Detention Center

ARTreach asked Fala Creative's Fatima Donaldson to provide a three-day workshop at the Fort Bend Juvenile Detention Center in July as part of their Mentoring Through Arts program.  The first two days with six detainees focused on teaching photography composition, camera techniques as well as leveraging the analogies of photography and life - where do you place the focus, identify the positive and the negative, compose your vision and many more.  With only a total of six hours in those two days, the young ladies captured the positives and negatives of their experience. Sometimes not able to communicate their feelings, the camera became their voice and opportunity to express such things.  The third day was preparing for an exhibit where fellow detention center employees attended and each detainee spoke about what their images represented.  The workshop titled "A Port in the Storm" was designed for the detainees to focus on their situation and view the detention center as a port in their storm.  What direction they choose to take leaving the port is up to them. However, I'm confident they leave having gained an added skill that will help them create better images (both literal and figurative) in their lives.  

Funding provided by Texas Commission on the Arts and local businesses such as Spa at Cinco Ranch.
About ARTreach and this Program

Special programs help children in the Fort Bend Juvenile Detention Center

"The day I fell"- this is prison slang for “The day I was arrested”
Being arrested is a very bad fall for a child between the ages of 10-17 in Fort Bend County. Once a child falls, the question remains: Can this child stand back up?

In Fort Bend County, a child who is arrested is taken to the Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center in Richmond, Texas.  Here you will discover many people involved in our Juvenile Justice system that are paying attention to this question and working with the community to reach out and help children stand up after they fall. If detention is considered punishment, can we as a society also consider time in the “lock up” as educational, inspirational, and motivating? Juvenile Detention is not supposed to be a child’s training program for adult incarceration. In Fort Bend County, the JDC is often a fallen child’s safest place to land. Like a port in the storm, time here can be well spent.

n. pl. Port - A port where ships dock in the course of voyages to load or unload cargo, obtain supplies, or undergo repairs.

A child’s life and future can turn on a dime. If they survive the storm, they can recognize the obstacles in their path, they can change course. During the time a child is in a juvenile detention center, it is important they meet positive people, and are introduced to new opportunities to discover something great and positive about their lives and their futures. They need to be inspired to change course. How does a child learn that they have the power to create their future? How can they be shown they have control, and can blaze a trail that leads to their successful future in our society today?

The Fort Bend County JDC is bringing unique, innovative and eye opening programs to our children at highest risk of failing in our society. And the special programs at Fort Bend JDC are turning lives around and helping the children who fall, to get up - stronger and better prepared to face life’s challenges.

ARTreach, Fort Bend JDC and Fort Bend Partnerships for Youth will be collaborating on grant writing and fundraising to raise the $8,640 needed to cover annual program expenses. An exhibition of the photographic images captured by the youth in detention will open September 30th at FALA Creative Gallery and Studios located the Great SW Equestrian Center in Cinco Ranch, 2501 S. Mason Road Ste 263 Katy Texas 77450.  Donations to support ARTreach Programs serving juveniles in detention are being requested now. Volunteers and professional artists who wish to help may contact Terri Bieber at or contact Mary Gready, Director of Special Programs at Fort Bend Juvenile Detention Center to discover additional ways you can become involved.