Teen Photography Workshop @ KVPAC

Take four young creative minds x 3 hours a day for one week and the results are amazing!  Creative Director and Photographer, Fatima Donaldson at Fala Creative spent one week teaching four aspiring teen photographers (in the making) techniques about lighting, composition and subject.  Each day, the students focused on a particular task, received instruction from Fatima and then spent a few hours mastering the new found skills. The result at the end of the week was a gallery exhibit and slideshow presentation with much admiration from attendees.  The images on this page are just a sampling of each budding photographer's talent.

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gabby image

Sometimes, the most interesting things to capture in life are right in front of us.  ~ Gabby

At first, I thought photography was just taking pictures mindlessly, but then I learned it's thinking about the little details that come with it.  ~ Shruti

I learned a lot of how to bend light and take pictures of things with their true colors.   ~ Ariel

I realized in class that I can take good pictures by moving around the camera -- up, down & sideways!   ~ Sarah

Sarah's image