Arts Fulshear goes live on the web!

The Project

Fala Creative was approached by board members to help revamp their existing website to provide more functionality and ease of use for both the end user as well as the administrator to support the ongoing community efforts of this non-profit organization. 

The Deliverable

We guided the Arts Fulshear team with navigation, functionality and possibilities the website can provide in generating membership, revenue and community awareness. All necessary to grow the organization. The website was launched and provided online class registration, membership enrollment and serves as a key communicator for the events.  It also provides the opportunity to continuously thank and recognize all those that support and sustain Arts Fulshear.

About Arts Fulshear

Arts Fulshear is a community-centered non-profit organization. We offer classes and events for all ages to further our mission of bringing art events, art education, and public art to Fulshear and the surrounding area.