Web design and launch for Hope & Glory

When artist Kathleen Wedemeyer approached us to design and create her website, we were so excited!  Her success as an exclusive Creative Co-Op artist has her receiving much attention nationally as well as locally in the greater Houston area with a second appearance on Good Morning Houston TV show.  Her designs provide a creative outlet for this talented artist, using drills, welding, paints, etc. They are also very popular pieces in the Creative Co-Op portfolio with replicas of her work being available for purchase in gift shops like Hallmark.

About Hope & Glory, Kathleen Wedemeyer - artist

What started as a creative outlet to help with the family income has grown into a business that I could never have even dreamed of. Moving from "crafts", to discovering a love for working with power tools, Hope and Glory has evolved into a passion and love. Materials such as antique ceiling tin, copper, iron, screen, spindles and other elements have become my art supplies and inspiration. Several years ago I took a welding class, which further expanded the scope of my work. (My favorite tools are my brad gun, drill, compound miter saw, pop rivets and E-6000 glue).
The items I create are inspired by faith, old materials and customer requests. I love using antique materials with many of my works being truly one-of-a-kind. Some of my most popular items are crosses, Architectural Angels, metals collages, and frames made from 100 year old molding.